Janáček Theatre is one of the three NT scenes in Brno. The more than fifty-year-old building underwent a gradual reconstruction, which was carried out as a sensitive restoration and renovation of the original elements. Thanks to this, the interior as well as the exterior of the theatre came close to the appearance it had shortly after its construction in 1965.

Original lights, stained glass by the side stairs and floor areas on every floor were renovated. Also the facings in restrooms got the original green-blue color, the premises for ladies were extended at the expense of one VIP lounge which was not used. The original splendor was given back to the original furniture, dressing rooms, auditorium, walls, and railings. In addition to that, a brand new buffet was established on the ground floor.

The marble wall between the wings of the central staircase is one of the fundamental changes. Barely noticeable engravings in broad daylight change into Leoš Janáček´s handwriting and names of his operas during the night under the light of original chandeliers.

After the reconstruction of the premises for the audience, the construction works moved to the premises for actors. As a result, the changing rooms, the rehearsal rooms and the storerooms were given a new look.

The builders encountered a number of unforeseen adverse circumstances during the reconstruction. For example, they found asbestos, which used to be used in fire insulation. Another problem was a static failure of supporting structures and the poor condition of the roof in places where the reconstruction had not originally been planned. Concrete floors were also in a much worse condition than expected.

Basic information
Amount 630 million CZK
Commencement date 2017
Completion date 2019
Investor Statutární město Brno
Designer Architekti Hrůša & spol.
Contractors In joint venture