The Střížkov Station is one of three stations that continue the northern route of the Prague underground. This station is unique with its technical solution. It is an excavated station with side platforms and one vestibule embedded in the hall space. The dominant feature is a unique steel construction in the shape of two cross-arched carrying the roof that allow for maximum glazing and thus daylight access to the platform space.

One of the side walls is open to the recessed atrium where it is possible to reach the outdoor terrain by means of stairs or lift. Escalators and walkways at two levels allow barrier-free passage across the track or passage through the station. The safety and orientation of passengers is assisted by an acoustic information system and diode light strips. The positive impression is increased by the significant share of natural greenery in the interior, as well as shops and a wine bar embedded directly into the interior of the station.

Basic information
Amount Total 1,4 billion CZK, share of OHL ŽS 686 milion CZK
Commencement date 2004
Completion date 2008
Investor Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy
Designer Metroprojekt Praha
Contractors In joint venture