The aim of the enterprise was to build the technical platform for the operation of the International Centre for Clinical Research (ICRC) on the premises of the St. Anna University Hospital in Brno while ensuring all links to the existing and the newly planned functions of the St. Anna University Hospital. The implementation of the ICRC represents a new generation of concept of the Clinical Research and Education Centre in the Czech Republic, designed, conceived and operated in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA.

From the material point of view, the enterprise included the acquisition of new premises of the ICRC functional complex in order to technically improve the existing medical and administrative facilities, operating areas, to equip the new premises with medical technology and devices, ti interconnect new and existing objects.

The establishment of a research centre allows for the fundamental development of the very favourable and prestigious cooperation of the St. Anne University Hospital in Brno and other Czech institutions with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. At the same time, the research will be in close contact with clinical operations within a framework that will allow the effectively use of common spaces and equipment.

The new solution makes the most of the existing construction site area, with an emphasis on monobloc and maximum efficiency and interconnection of indoor operations. At the same time, there are efforts to make the most effective use of communication cores and reduce their number.

Basic information
Amount 1,25 billion CZK
Commencement date 2009
Completion date 2012
Investor Fakultní nemocnice u sv. Anny v Brně
Designer Sdružení SATER-PROJEKT s.r.o. – VPU DECO PRAHA
Contractors OHL ŽS