The building serves the needs of innovative organizations working in the field of new interdisciplinary industries such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine and diagnostics.

The 4MEDi Science and Technology Park building is located in the premises of the Teaching Hospital Ostrava – Poruba. Part of the building is designed with the transcending second storey which forms a sheltered outdoor area with paved surface. The receding floor, together with the corbel form a dynamic accent in the volume of the building which is made of blocks. The building is divided into 4 functionally different parts, where the laboratories and production areas, the social facilities, the closets and the warehouses are located, and in the last part there is the main entrance to the building with reception and office space. The floor plan has an irregular shape that resembles a cross. In particular, the natural appearance of materials, namely aluminium and glass, was applied, the southern and northern wings were plastered with smooth white and dark grey plaster.

Basic information
Amount 669 million CZK
Commencement date 2012
Completion date 2014
Investor PrimeCell
Designer Centroprojekt
Contractors OHL ŽS