The construction involved a large area in the city districts of Žabovřesky and Královo Pole. The decisive part consists of two parallel two-lane bored tunnels designated as Královopolský tunnel I and II, 1237 and 1258 meters long.

The construction includes the interchanges of Žabovřeská-Hradecká and Hradecká-Královopolská  in Žabovřesky and part of the branches of the Dobrovského-Svitavská radial road directly related to the forefield of tunnels in Královo Pole.

A part of the work included individual building objects which deal with the extension and renovation of utilities, extensive technological facilities and service objects of the tunnel designated as technological centre buildings or electrical substations. Great attention has also been paid to the construction of the noise control measures (noise barriers, natural noise barrier walls and special road surfaces).

Basic information
Amount 6,9 billion CZK
Commencement date 2006
Completion date 2013
Investor ŘSD ČR
Designer -
Contractors In joint venture