The main four-storey building offers a total of 100 accommodation places for seniors. The accommodation is in barrier-free 6 double rooms and 88 single rooms with their own bathroom. The curved pavilion is functionally and visually divided into three parts – a four-storey residential part, a one-storey part of background facilities and a fitted ground-floor entrance hall. Thanks to its original architectural design, it has naturally been incorporated into the existing complex and provides its residents with a pleasant living, gradually passing into outdoor landscaped areas.

The ground floor of the main residential building is protected from the north by partial embedding below the ground level. Rooms of the clients are south-facing and are connected to outdoor terraces. The ring of terraces, illuminated by colourful glass panels of the building, encircles the entire southern side and turns round the corner of the north-eastern side of the building.

The premises of the catering service located in the basement, the ground floor of the middle wing of the existing retirement home was obsolete and its reconstruction required a new layout, modern technological equipment, adaptation of storage facilities and a new solution for the supply system which was changed to “tablet system”. Due to the planned increase in the number of dishes to be dispensed, it was necessary to increase the capacities of the supplied energies and complete the drainage connection. The sanitary facilities of the building have also undergone the reconstruction.

Basic information
Amount 226 milion CZK
Commencement date 2011
Completion date 2013
Investor Olomoucký kraj
Designer Stavoprojekt Olomouc, projekční kancelář Ing. Augustina Gece
Contractors OHL ŽS