The structure is located in the central city zone whose historical centre has been declared an urban conservation area. The original project solution was updated and the new concept included modified conditions of the Monument Authority.

The elements of small architecture were designed as a new formation corresponding to the foundations of the street furniture within the historical centre and were designed to act uniformly in the diverse architectural environment of the space in question. The materials were also modified with the material and the surface of the pedestrian zones (artificial stone, wood, metallic elements). Street lighting was designed using atypical octagonal masts dominated by a LED light on the top. The new atypical illuminating body has been suitably aligned with the existing illumination of the square. Dominant elements of the entire building are several fountains with their own names.

Basic information
Amount 1 643 954 €
Commencement date 2013
Completion date 2014
Investor Trnava city
Designer Ateliér DOKA
Contractors In joint venture