New tracks, platforms and security equipment. It all grew up on a nearly fifty-kilometre section of the railway line Klatovy – Železná Ruda. The construction is based on the concept of the Pilsen Region Service Plan and it is in line with the forward-looking concept of the long-distance passenger transport of the Ministry of Transport. It has increased the speed of this popular tourist railway connection and thus shortened the train travelling time. The line’s throughput and security will increase. Among the most visible benefits of the project are the construction of new platforms and the reconstruction and modification of the lighting in the stations.

In all railway stations with the exception of Klatovy and on the railway sections concerned, the builders have built a new security equipment of the 3rd category and modern communication facilities. In terms of operation, however, the reconstruction of the rail superstructure and the substructure is even more important. The section of the reconstructed railway line from Dešenice to Železná Ruda – Alžbětina stops is situated in the Protected Landscape Area of Šumava.

Basic information
Amount 929 milion CZK
Commencement date 2014
Completion date 2016
Investor SŽDC
Designer SUDOP
Contractors In joint venture