The contract involved the reconstruction of areas throughout the former monastery, basilica and adjoining neighbourhoods, including the reconstruction of the utilities concerned, new electrical distribution, water distribution, roads and fencing. While the predominantly paved area facing the front of the basilica is designed for meetings of pilgrims, lawn areas with greenery north of the basilica have been built as a zone for rest and relaxation in the shade. Reparation of the discovered monastery ramparts remind the medieval fortifications of the monastery. A long stone bench to relax was also built there.

Due to the fact that the whole area is a cultural monument and a territory with archaeological findings, all excavation works were carried out under the supervision of archaeologists from Archaia Olomouc. We carried out a complete historical site survey which discovered, for example, the original enclosure walls of the Cistercian monastery from the 13th century. The walls of the monastery were restored and the place of commemoration of the original religious cemetery was defined.

In the underground baroque basilica built on Romanesque foundations, there is a lapidarium, the entrance of which was reconstructed pursuant to the contract respecting the archaeological findings. For example, conservation and surface finishing of the medieval block brickwork was carried out. As part of the contract, we also restored a fountain from the first half of the 18th century and another medieval fountain with fish sculpture. Both are immovable cultural monuments. We fixed plaster and stucco and repaired statues, locksmithery and joinery elements.

Basic information
Amount 82 milion CZK
Commencement date 2010
Completion date 2012
Investor Římskokatolická farnost Velehrad
Designer -
Contractors OHL ŽS