The aim of the construction is to improve the rail transport in the network outside TEN-T, to improve the transport accessibility, comfort and attractiveness of the rail transport for passengers, to ensure the reliable operation of the rail transport and the safety of passenger movement at stops.

The subject matter of the construction was the reconstruction of the line sections of the double-track non-electrified railway line Brno – Vlárský průsmyk state border between Blažovice – Slavkov u Brna (incl. stop Křenovice – lower station), Slavkov u Brna – Bučovice (including stops Křižanovice and Marefy) and Bučovice – Nesovice (incl. station Nevojice) stations. It was mainly a complete reconstruction of the railway superstructure, local rehabilitation of the rail substructure along the platforms and under crossings, drainage (dry wells, cleaning of existing ditches), reconstruction of platforms in stops, artificial structures (culvert and bridges), crossings including crossing security equipment, information equipment at stops and transmission facilities.

Basic information
Amount 898 million CZK
Commencement date 2015
Completion date 2016
Investor SŽDC
Designer SUDOP BRNO s.r.o.
Contractors Joint venture