The aim of the project was to improve the surface water quality of the Bečva River and to reduce the negative influence of the pollution from the sewerage network on the river. The existing sewerage system was reconstructed in the town of Přerov and parts of Dluhonice and Kozlovice were later connected to this system. By reconstructing and increasing the capacity of the collectors, the waste water could be transferred to the newly built retention reservoirs in which the contaminated rainfall will be retained. The environmental benefit of the construction is to reduce the number and volume of rainwater overflows from the storm water inlets in Přerov during heavy rainfall. The construction also includes measures for the sewerage network against water intrusion from the Bečva River into the entire sewerage system.

In Dluhonice, a new pumping station with a sewerage discharge was built at the outlet of the sewerage to the watercourse which pumps the wastewater into the sewerage network of the city of Přerov and takes it to the waste water treatment plant. The same principle of sewage diversion was chosen in the local part of Kozlovice where, in addition to the construction of a pumping station, a new sewerage system was built in the whole local area, including the switchover of the existing domestic connections.

Basic information
Amount 412 million CZK
Commencement date 2014
Completion date 2015
Investor Vodovody a kanalizace Přerov
Designer Aquatis
Contractors OHL ŽS