It is a technological building of monofunctional use. The building will serve as a traction power station (substation) which will replace the Přehrada substation (in Rakovecká bay) which is in poor technical condition and no longer meets the current technological requirements for this type of construction. The newly designed substation in the selected location shortened the existing traction cables which mainly reduced the voltage losses and hence the operating costs. The substation was further equipped with outlets for the planned extension of tram traffic to the Kamechy housing estate.
The substation is conceived as unattended with the presence of persons only for service and inspection activities.
The technical and technological equipment of the substation includes the following: power transformers, high voltage and low voltage distribution boards, direct current part in the form of tram and trolleybus feeders, return circuit distribution boards, etc. The operation part of the substation is provided by its own consumption, construction electrical installations and fire detection equipment. Data transfer to the central power dispatching centre is provided by remote control in the form of distribution boards, SW and HW.

Basic information
Amount 39 million CZK
Commencement date 2017
Completion date 2018
Investor Dopravní podnik města Brna
Designer HiARCH
Contractors Joint venture