The building is two-storey, partly with basement and with a flat roof. The main level of the roof respects buildings in the surrounding area. On the 1st underground floor, there is a small theatre hall in red-black colour (cinema) which will be used for small theatre forms as well as 3D cinema. Around the room, there is a cluster of actors’ dressing rooms, actors’ and visitors’ sanitary facilities, storage rooms and technical rooms. On the 1st floor, there is the main hall of the whole building in blue-grey colour, it is a large hall with a stage.
The large hall has a capacity of 241 seats located in a movable stand and 41 VIP seats that are mobile and can be placed directly below the stage. The entrance to the large hall is through the entrance hall, accessible from both sides, as well as it serves as the access to the restaurant and to the large hall balconies located on the 2nd floor. In addition, there are also dressing rooms and premises for actors and the supply and service part of the stage. On the second floor, there is also a restaurant with kitchen and facilities, office premises of the Cultural and Theatre Centre with social facilities and a dance mirror hall. Around the perimeter of the building, there are nine separate commercial operations.

Basic information
Amount 3 199 949 €
Commencement date 2011
Completion date 2013
Investor Púchov city
Designer Architekt INVEST, Ing. arch. Miroslav Mišún
Contractors In joint venture