The building of the National Sports Center in Prostějov was constructed mainly as a space for sporting activities, which could also be used for international junior tournaments. For this reason, the sports area consists of a longitudinal court which can be divided into two smaller training courts and separated by a curtain wall.

The shape of the building is based on a simple cuboid whose southern and western walls are centrally displaced. The roof of the building extends beyond these two walls, which are made of silvery expanded metal, creating a slanted ‘peak’ that protects them from rain. In contrast, the northern and eastern walls surface is made of black trapezoidal sheets. The southwest hall’s corner is glazed along the entire height of the facade.

The spacious lobby has a reception, a buffet and a relaxation area. It also provides access to the athletes zone with changing rooms, showers, toilets, as well as the referees’ changing room and a massage room. All these spaces are located under the stand for 336 spectators and the capacity of the auditorium can be expanded by a folding mobile stand.

From the entrance lobby, visitors can access the second floor using a staircase or an elevator.
There, they can find the stand and the private zone with offices, as well as press conference rooms and group exercise rooms. This section also includes a guest lounge with its own bar and a stand.

The National Sports Centre was awarded the title of Olomouc Region Construction Competition 2018 in the category of Building of Civic Facilities and Modification of Public Spaces.

Basic information
Amount 140 million CZK
Commencement date 2016
Completion date 2018
Investor Prostějov olympijský
Designer atelier-r Olomouc
Contractors OHL ŽS