The National Library of Technology in Prague is located in the premises of technical universities. It has the shape of a rounded square with a side size of 70 meters, the land allocated for the whole project has a total area of 11 740 m2, of which the built-up area of the library building is 5 200 m2. The building is accessible from four sides and it is a sort of inner square surrounded by a café, bookstore, exhibition premises and a conference room. One entrance opens from the main avenue of the university campus and on the opposite side of the building, there is a relaxing park area.

The building has six above-ground floors which are designed for public areas of the library and its administrative facilities, and three underground floors with a book depository and a parking lot for 450 vehicles. The ground floor of the building is freely accessible, with a transparent façade, it resembles a sheltered square from which it is possible to enter the café, a lecture hall, gallery and other facilities. A central atrium runs through the above-ground floors from the ground floor to the roof of the building. Study rooms with high demands on light are centralized behind the glazed perimeter of the building as well as around the atrium. In other parts of the library, there are shelves with a free selection of books and magazines and study rooms with electronic information sources. The interior of the building is dominated by glass, concrete and coloured floors. On the top floor, there are outdoor atriums allowing to study in the open air.

Basic information
Amount 1,4 billion CZK
Commencement date 2006
Completion date 2008
Investor Státní technická knihovna (Národní technická knihovna)
Designer Projektil architekti, HELIKA
Contractors In joint venture