Turning the Tábor – Sudoměřice line section into double track, reconstruction of Chotoviny station and reconstruction of the station Sudoměřice near Tábor to a stop. These are the main points of the modernization of part 4 of the transit corridor in the southern Bohemia. Turning the single track line into double-track line has brought increased capacity and a substantial reduction in travel time. After completing, the entire corridor, the journey from Prague to České Budějovice will take only an hour and a half.
The line was partially relayed, the rugged terrain on the new relaying was surpassed with a 456-meter-long flyover and a 430-meter long Sudoměřický tunnel. Interestingly, this is the historically first tunnel in the South Bohemian Region.
The construction does not neglect the safety of the railway traffic. Chotoviny Station and the adjoining line sections are equipped with modern security equipment that eliminates the possibility of human error, facilitates the economical and operative control of traffic from the dispatching station.
The modernization obtained the Construction of the Year 2016 Award.

Basic information
Amount 1,44 billion CZK
Commencement date 2013
Completion date 2016
Investor SŽDC
Designer SUDOP Praha
Contractors OHL ŽS