The project of increasing the capacity of the Morava River in Olomouc included several stages. This stage was mainly focused on the area of Nové Sady and Nový Svět. As part of the construction work, the existing dams were increased, new dams and walls were built and the left-bank riverside edge above the infant care institute was reduced. This would allow the waterflow into free territory. Under Velkomoravská Street, a parallel river-basin and a new 350m long green island were built.

The elevated rail embankment will also help with the potential flood control. During the entire construction, deposits with a volume of more than 100 thousand cubic meters were removed. The project also included building up revitalizing elements which will lead to greater biodiversity of aquatic animals. Apart from the island, for example, it is a log cabin shelter for fish, biotechnical wooden fortifications and sea-walls, a gravel beach for easy movement of animals.

Basic information
Amount 330 million CZK
Commencement date 2012
Completion date 2014
Investor Povodí Moravy
Designer -
Contractors In joint venture