The reconstruction of the facades of the National Theatre was a demanding job where a special emphasis was put on the quality and precision of the works, as well as on the minimal interventions in the monument. The entire reconstruction was divided into four stages and lasted three and a half years. The construction works were not limited only to the repair of facades but also to the restoration of sculptures and other elements of architectural decoration. In some places, the missing material had to be added to match the original as close as possible.

The exact determination of the procedures was based on the state of the building which we gradually uncovered. If the documentation of some part was conserved to some extent, the builders’ effort was to restore the building to the most original form. Therefore, all terraces were newly covered by insulation and subsequently of replica of the historical pavement. The repairs included all windows and doors, candelabra and lighting fixtures and decorative metal elements.

Everything took place in a restoration regime under the leadership of the main restorer, Jiří Fiala. Subsequently, individual stone elements – ledges, balustrades and statues were revised. Another relatively challenging phase was the unification of the facades, since the Zítek House is built mainly of stone blocks up to the tholobate and a part of the former Temporary Theatre, and the Schulz House has a stucco plaster on the surface. These buildings were unified with illusionary façade wall painting to imitate the stone.

Basic information
Amount 79 million CZK
Commencement date 2012
Completion date 2015
Investor Národní divadlo
Designer OMNIA projekt, s.r.o
Contracts OHL ŽS