The construction solves the protection of the low-lying part of the city from high flows in Prostředníček and Litava and represents the final solution of the town protection, it was launched ten years ago. The construction also includes building up of a wetland area of about 35,000 square meters to capture flood flows when needed. This created a natural, functional bio-corridor where newly planted alders and willows trees appeared inside the wetland and at the bottom of the dams. In addition to the primary function of the flood protection, it also serves as a place for rest and walk for local residents.

The construction was linked to the previous increase in capacity of the Litava River basin. The dams in the area are sized to a flow of a hundred-year water. In the event that the hundred-year water begins to flow through the Litava River and there is a heading up of water from the Šestisplav weir to the estuary of Prostředníček in the direction of the town, there was a heading up structure built at the road bridge. So the water will not get any further into the town’s residential area. At the higher flows from the Prostredíček basin, a newly built capacity side channel is used to divert the water. From these areas, the water is collected through the diversion weir under the footbridge further in the retention area in the wetland.

Basic information
Amount 82 million CZK
Commencement date 2011
Completion date 2012
Investor Povodí Moravy
Designer -
Contractors In joint venture