The aim of the project was to significantly increase accessibility and reduce travel time which will contribute to the economic development of this region in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The average vehicle speed in this segment was only 50 km/h and increased to 120 km/h.

The 5km long stretch of motorway under construction is located about 30 km south of Mostar and 25 km north of the Croatian harbour of Ploče. The contract included not only viaducts, bridges, tunnels and intersections but also technical equipment – toll gates, rest areas and a maintenance and control centre. It is a four-way communication with two lanes in each direction.

The section under construction begins at the Zvirovići intersection with the overpass and underpass of the M 6.1 motorway, then it continues on the 590 m long, six-span Studenčica bridge over the river Trebizat via the viaduct Pavlovići, the Trebižat bridge and the Bijela Vlaka tunnel with the intersection of the same name which ends before the Kravice rest area.

Part of the project is also an interchange in the municipality of Zvirovićima. It is also expected to build a parallel non-classified road on one or the other side of the motorway which will be interconnected with local roads, some of which will be reinforced.

Basic information
Amount 1,45 billion CZK
Commencement date 2012
Completion date 2015
Investor Federalna direkcija za izgradnju,upravljanje i održavanje autocesta Mostar
Designer -
Contractors In joint venture