In September 2012, the construction of a new laser centre, unique not only in the Czech Republic but also across Europe, was launched. The centre is built in Dolní Břežany south of Prague. Another part of the construction of the new laser centre was also the reconstruction of the devastated area of the former agricultural cooperative. It is a three-storey administrative part and a two-storey hall, both buildings without basement.

A pronounced corbel on the corner of the building, which accents the main entrance to the building and creates a “screen” in the lecture hall, is interesting from the architectural point of view. Spaces where laser devices are located have increased demands on minimal vibration, and therefore the hall is dilated from the rest of the structure. The hall structure is conceived as a “house in the house”.

In the centre, special lasers are developed using classical mechanical engineering, aerospace, automobile industry, material research, semiconductor industry, or medical applications. Lasers can also be used in the field of art where the laser beam can be used, for example, for cleaning works of artwork and objects. Lasers can also be used in large-scale devices such as ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure). Laser systems with these technical parameters are not commercially available and therefore the centre is unique even in the world.

Basic information
Amount 91 million CZK
Commencement date 2012
Completion date 2014
Investor Fyzikální ústav AV ČR
Designer Len+k
Contractors OHL ŽS