The traction substation powers six sections of tram lines in the surrounding area. Within the process, the control room was relocated to new premises and almost all of the substation technology was replaced. Specifically, the traction rectifiers U1, U2, the whole block of the DC 660V substation technology were replaced including the entire system of the substation’s own consumption and the replacement of all power DC cabling.
The entire construction was more complicated because everything was in full operation of the substation, and all outages and switching took place only at night and at weekends so as to minimize tram traffic. For this reason, it was necessary to solve the complex transition conditions of the substation and the implementation had to be divided into six successive stages.

Basic information
Amount 26 million CZK
Commencement date 2015
Completion date 2016
Investor Dopravní podnik hl. města Prahy
Designer Dopravní podnik hl. města Prahy
Contractors In joint venture