The annex to the building of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Pražská street in Bratislava will be executed in a vacant lot. The building has 6+1 above-ground and 2 underground floors connected by a staircase and an elevator. The partition of the building pit is anchored by structural underground walls. The object is based on board-pile construction. The total usable area of the object is almost 4.5 thousand square meters, out of which almost one third of this area is just office space and another almost a third are underground garages. On the roof of the building, there is a fire tank which permanently supplies the object with fire water after regular 30-minute intervals. In the courtyard part, there is a green roof to be walked on. In the interior of the building, we provide complete distributions, end elements and other devices. There is also central heating, wiring system, ventilation, measurement and regulation, fire alarm, entrance control system, camera system, alarm system. A complete reconstruction of the boiler room located in the main building of the Ministry was also part of the execution.

Basic information
Amount 4 267 580 €
Commencement date 2014
Completion date 2015
Investor Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí a evropských záležitostí SR
Designer Ing. arch. Ján Pavúk, PhD., Ing. arch. Ilja Skoček
Contractors OHL ŽS