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We will repair another spa in Třeboň. After Aurora comes Berta

04. 10. 2018

Above all, the construction of a new kitchen connected with a dining room which will be in the area of the existing indoor courtyard of the spa premises, as well as the reconstruction of forty rooms are the main aims of the new contract awarded to OHL ŽS. The Company will repair the Berta´s Spa in Třeboň. The deal was signed in early October, but the construction will start next year.

Apart from the reconstruction of the catering and accommodation section, the project includes the modernization of the pool technology, which is in disrepair, as well as the construction of a completely new sauna world. Builders have almost a year for a thorough preparation, according to the plan, the works will begin in September next year and the completion is scheduled for May 2020. During this time, the baths will be closed and visitors will be accommodated in replacement capacities.

OHL ŽS successfully reconstructed accommodation pavilion in Aurora spa 7 years ago. The premises of Berta´s Spa is located near the historical center of Třeboň, so the conservationist will supervise the reconstruction as well. 

Source photo: Bertiny lázně Třeboň

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