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OHL ŽS has become the first adoptive parent of seats in the National Theatre in Brno

23. 10. 2018

The National Theatre in Brno has launched the adoption of seats in Mahen Theatre assigned for both companies and individuals. OHL ŽS as general partner of the National Theatre in Brno undertook the first adoption of two seats. The CEO Roman Kocúrek performed the official act of taking of the sash. From now on, the adopted seats are decorated with a brass label with the engraved name of the company.

A seat in Mahen theater with its own name may be obtained by anyone who gets involved in the donation campaign. The seat can be adopted by more than one person. The adoption price is 50,000 CZK and thanks to this amount, the donor may use the seat for the whole year.

The adoption of a seat does not mean that it will always be available to its donor but it will also serve other viewers who buy tickets for it. The purpose of the event, however, is to voluntarily support the theater´s run and operation and help with the creation of other wonderful productions.

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