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OHL ŽS has again received a prestigious Safe Enterprise Award

24. 10. 2018

On Tuesday 23 October, sixteen companies with the implemented and mainly functional occupational health and safety system took over the Safe Enterprise Award which is awarded by the State Labour Inspection Office. OHL ŽS was one of the appreciated companies which managed to win the prestigious award again.

OHL ŽS was represented by its CEO Roman Kocúrek who took the certificates from the deputy minister of labour and social affairs Jiří Vaňásek and the general inspector of the State Labour Inspection Office Rudof Hahn. The official act was performed in Kaiserstein Palace in Prague.

The Safe Enterprise Award is awarded for three years and during this time, the company is under watchful supervision of the occupational safety inspectors. In the Czech Republic, 79 companies are currently certified with a valid certificate.

You may check the valid certificate here.



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