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20. 03. 2018

OHL ŽS signed a contract Modernization of the railway track from Sudoměřice to Votice for more than 7 billion crowns

20 March, Praha – Signing of the contract between the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) and the company OHL ŽS in fact started the extensive reconstruction of one of the last parts of the fourth corridor from South... [more]

08. 02. 2018

Rough construction of the clinic for the Olomouc Hospital is finished (time-lapse video)

12 January 2018, Olomouc –  OHL ŽS works even in winter on the construction of the new five-floor building for the University Hospital in Olomouc. It will be home to the top workplaces of the internal clinic II and geriatric... [more]

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