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OHL is an international group operating in the field of construction, franchising and services. It is one of the largest construction companies in Spain.

Members of the OHL Group  have been successfully providing their professional construction services on a national as well as international level for more than 100 years. Over the last years, the OHL Group has been growing in a dynamic manner, with its international activities turning it into one of the largest multinational groups. Nowadays, it operates in twenty countries on four continents.

The Line of Business of the OHL Group

The main line of business of the OHL Group is the construction of transport infrastructure and the franchise of its operation.

In the building industry, OHL has been successfully developing its operations in transport infrastructure construction (roads, railways, ports and airports), water-management construction (dams, aqueducts and channels), pipeline transportation systems (gas pipelines, oil pipelines), ecological construction (desalination plants, sewage treatment plants), power engineering construction (hydroelectric power stations, facilities for power production using alternative sources), and residential as well as non-residential buildings (hospitals, administrative buildings, sport centres, schools).

Alongside these activities, OHL also secures the maintenance of these structures along with the redevelopment and reconstruction of many others.

On the basis of franchising, the company participates in the construction, administration and operation of motorways, trading ports, airports and railways.

Professionalism of the OHL Group

The company is fully qualified to implement its projects successfully, offering a complex range of related activities, such as feasibility studies, engineering and design documents, construction, maintenance and subsequent operation of a finished project. It prepares analyses for project funding, and often uses the advantages of its financial sources to make contributions to the funds required for their implementation.

OHL has at its disposal qualified personnel and state of the art technical equipment. It has the capacities to meet any requirement of its customers. One of OHL’s priorities is sustainable development. Therefore, the Group applies the most modern management methods and implements its activities with respect to the environment

Particular documents of the OHL Group


The range of projects completed by the OHL Group boasts a number of roads, bridges, dams, waterways and channels but also includes tunnels, railways, oil pipelines and gas pipelines.  We can also mention surface, transport and also residential and non-residential construction:

  • motorways, parking lots,
  • power stations,
  • hospitals,
  • commercial premises,
  • administrative buildings,
  • schools, sports arenas, etc.

Objectives of the OHL Group

The OHL Group, as a company specializing in the building industry and diversified in its activities, is characterized with a high growth potential. Its main objective is to improve the quality of life for people and create values under the conditions of economic, social and ecological sustainability with respect to the specific interests and requirements of investors, customers, the Group’s employees and the team of people and institutions interested in its proper functioning.

The Business Strategies of the OHL Group

The Corporate Strategy of OHL

  • Continuous growth of domestic construction, particularly in the area of civil engineering and surface construction focused on non-residential buildings.
  • Growth of international construction, which strictly follows the rules of careful selection and maximum prudence in contracting when procuring new contracts.
  • Consolidation of the trading activity carried out by the Franchise Division, which is one of the most important divisions of the Group, creating the biggest share of EBITDA, i.e. profit, and concurrently the major investor of the Group.
  • Reinforcement of the activities focusing on environmental protection. OHL wishes to strengthen its leading position on an international scale, mainly through further franchises for sea water desalination by applying inverted osmosis and development of construction for sewage conditioning and treatment.
  • Continuity of development activities, especially in the areas with tourism and historical importance.
  • Supporting the Design Department of the Group, working under the Industrial Division. Utilization of the effect of synergy with the other divisions and progress in the diversification strategy.

The Strategy of OHL

This focuses on careful compliance with the corporate management rules and application of the principles governing maximum transparency in business relations and relations among shareholders. Furthermore, on sustainable development, as a strategic pillar and permanent obligation to maintain its solid financial situation based on the utilization of long-term financial sources.

  • Corporate Responsibility of OHL is put into practice through the obligation of continuous improvement, innovation, and progress, transparent knowledgeability, rational and balanced integration of various elements from all areas of its operations, with the goal of standardizing its methods of communicating in its contacts with interested parties.
  • Cost-saving management based on enhancing productivity, investment growth and risk differentiation through territorial expansion has a positive impact on local interest groups and the environment where it has been developing its activities, as it supports the local business sector and creates jobs.
  • Proper management includes responsibility, efficiency and transparency on the part of the company’s management bodies.   The OHL Group provides feasible solutions, adopts new organizational models and carefully improves the manner of behaviour and communication with its investors and shareholders.
  • In 2004, the OHL Group joined the International Convention of the United Nations by becoming a founder member of the Spanish association of parties to this convention titled ASEPAM. Since then it has promoted observance of the principles of human and labour rights, protection of the environment and the fight against corruption. In 2006, OHL renewed its obligation to actively disseminate all 10 principles of the International Convention.
  • Responsibility of OHL towards its own employees focuses on the development of safe and stable working conditions and job vacancies, and also on the support for professional as well as personal growth, and on the support for various and equal job opportunities.  
  • OHL demonstrates its social responsibility by the consistent fulfilling of its role as an organism that is an integral part of its surrounding environment. The plan of social action is based on a nation-wide concept. Beyond the Spanish border, the Group contributes to the enhancing of the quality of living conditions in the countries of its permanent as well as interim operations Since its very beginning, OHL has fully complied with its important commitment to support graphic and scenic arts and culture in general.
  • Environmental responsibility and the efforts to preserve the environment represent the constant of all the operations implemented by the OHL Group. The Group carries out all its activities in compliance with the environmental protection management system. In 2007, the Group decided to enhance its commitment to fight against climate change and, as a part of its strategy, drew up short, medium and long-term plans of action.
  • The permanent emphasis on the quality and excellence of all activities performed by the Group enables OHL to maintain a high level of internal demands that guarantee satisfaction on the part of clients resulting from the fact that legal and contractual obligations are met to an extent beyond their expectations.
  • Innovations and technological developments are considered in OHL to be one of the core pillars for achieving higher economic efficiency and improving competitiveness, while respecting the environment and social responsibility.
  • The OHL Group is also well aware of the necessity to engage all its collaborators, including its suppliers and subcontractors, in disseminating the values, good practices and behaviour models typical of OHL when carrying out their activities and providing their services. So as mutual benefit and further reinforcement of the conditions supporting sustainable growth might be achieved, it is necessary to clearly define terms and conditions of the contracts forming the basis of cooperation with out partners with the aim of easing our communication and getting them interested in our management systems.

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