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The Company Profile

OHL ŽS, a.s., which boasts a tradition of more than sixty five years, is a dynamic construction company specializing in multiple areas of business and ranking among the largest and most significant construction companies in the Czech Republic.

The company focuses on implementing complex projects of various construction works, their modernization, reconstruction and maintenance in accordance with the needs and requirements of customers in the following sectors:

  • transport, railway, road and motorway construction,
  • water-management and ecological construction,
  • civil engineering and power engineering construction,
  • surface construction and underground engineering.

OHL ŽS provides reconstruction, modernization and implementation of constructions both in the Czech Republic and abroad, i.e. in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan etc. (for more information see the Activities abroad page). The change of the corporate name from ŽS Brno, a.s. to OHL ŽS, a.s. in 2006 confirmed the company’s affiliation to the Spanish multinational construction and investment OHL Group, which OHL ŽS has belonged to since 2003.

The most significant completed constructions currently include the following:

  • modernization of railway corridors
  • reconstruction of railway stations in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia
  • construction of the university campus in Brno and new buildings for the VŠB – Technical University, Ostrava
  • reconstruction of the historical Czech Radio building in Prague
  • construction development of the National Technical Library
  • construction of the R55 Skalka-Hulín expressway
  • development of the Large City Ring Road in Brno – Hlinky Multilevel Junction and Královopolský tunnel
  • Finger C, Terminal North II of the Prague-Ruzyně international airport
  • The Brno University of Technology – construction of the FEKT building
  • the Hlubočepy–Barrandov tram line
  • construction of 80 kilometres of motorway in Azerbaijan
  • many other constructions both in this country and abroad

Mission and vision

The company mission is to actively participate in building transport networks in Central and East European countries and make tangible contributions towards the process of the enlargement of the European Union. Concurrently, the company also wishes to become engaged in improving our environment by complying with the latest ecological procedures in the construction industry. OHL ŽS wishes to participate in developing the system of water-management construction in the European region.

Company intends to be:

  • an economically strong, stable and competitive company with a steady position among the five largest companies in the Czech Republic;
  • a company operating internationally which is actively engaged in transport construction projects in East and Central European countries.

The company’s objectives are as follows:

  • to achieve the balanced, harmonious and sustainable development of all lines of business which will lead towards the company growing in value and the increasing satisfaction of its employees as well as customers, while respecting environmental, economic, social and cultural conditions;
  • to strengthen its position of a trustful and reliable business partner meeting its obligations;
  • to be an economically strong, stable and competitive company with a steady position among the largest companies in the Czech market;
  • to place the emphasis on a construction being a source of profit and support it efficiently with the company’s auxiliary operations;
  • to become actively engaged in infrastructure construction projects in East and Central European countries and to boost regional as well as multinational activities, including the number of countries where the company operates (e.g. Romania, Poland, the Russian Federation, and Ukraine).

OHL ŽS, a.s., joint-stock company, wishes to continue, in the long-term perspective, providing the complex implementation of significant and large projects in all the branches of the construction sector. Newly, it wishes to participate in the currently launched PPP projects, in the territory of both the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

OHL ŽS has been successful in holding its steadily high share in the highly competitive market of the Czech Republic. Our company’s share in the surface and ecological construction area continues to grow.

The company policy

Our core values

  • Reliability and consistency
  • Responsibility and responsiveness
  • Expertise and innovativeness

Environmental activities

To a great extent, OHL ŽS, a. s. has been committed to approaching our entire environment in a considerate and ecological manner. Complying with the principles of sustainable development, the company promotes prevention by way of protecting the environment and integrates the HSW aspects or environmental requirements with the objective of eliminating any negative impacts of its activities on the environment and human health.

> Information on the relation of OHL ŽS towards the environment.

Research & Development

The capacities in the area of transport and civil engineering construction have been developed in accordance with the company strategy. The development and designing of the technologies for constructional work implementation are supported through a significant increase in investment, enabling us to manage both large and technically demanding construction projects.

> Detailed information on research & development in OHL ŽS

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